A Day in the Life

This morning was disastrous. Not in a real life, tornado-take-cover kind of way but in a how-am-I-going-to-get-the-kids-to-school-with-an-emotionally-intact-son-and-self kind of way. Let me backtrack for a minute. So, Austin (Yes, I named him after Austin City Limits in the hopes that he would be a musician, but I’m not at all trying to control his destiny…) realized at 7:20 that he could possibly have his first school skate lesson.. today.
He wasn’t sure, but nonetheless he was an emotional wreck wondering about potentially lost or missing snow pants and the location of THAT box, the one we’d tucked away after 2017 skate lessons wrapped. We’d put it someplace we’d surely remember when the season began anew.

Problem 1:The case of the lost snow pants.

Solution: A quick check in the front closet and alas, problem 1, solved! Snow pants located.

Problem 2: We’re running out of time to leave early (a feat akin to climbing Mount Everest with three kids) for Run Club (It’s 7:20 and we need to leave at 7:30 to drive through snow-slowed roads) and we have NO IDEA where THAT box is or even if skating is today.
Solution: No Run Club; we need to buy time. New departure target: 8 am.

Problem 3: Is the field trip even today?

Solution. Call to the school to confirm field trip. No one’s there. Wait a minute, the info may be online. Yes it is online. Field trip is today! Ahhh.

Problem 4: THAT box!

Solution: A full fledged, multi-person search of every storage nook and cranny in the house and garage underway to find THAT box. “Abby, help!!” 

I even called my husband at work through the plant’s security team to ascertain the whereabouts of THAT box and avoid the emotional fallout of a 9 year old boy’s missed field trip. Before my husband could call back, Austin calmed down enough to have a light bulb moment and remember the exact whereabout of THAT box in the one place we hadn’t looked and I responded, ‘Everything you NEED is always in that one spot you don’t LOOK!”

I thought it profound and worthy of a blog share. After reassuring my husband that our son’s emotional well being and today’s field trip success was in fact URGENT though not an EMERGENCY (and thus justifying my call to work and his boss’ dire concern) I’ve settled back into a day of show prep and the usual housewifery. How was your morning?

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