The Farthest I’ve Been

Tonight I was honoured to participate in my first Katavello Entertainment Group showcase. I was so excited when I got the call for Cheryl asking me to come out and perform. This being my first showcase opportunity, I was feeling that distinct combination of nerves and excitement that accompanies new frontiers.

All those who performed tonight are incredible artists who I admire. I’ve watched each from the sidelines over the last few years, as I tried to navigate my way through this crazy country music world. For the first round of performances, I watched from the audience and for the second, I had the distinct honour of performing next to a few of these artists.

At one point between songs, I looked at my guitar player and dear friend, Cody and said, “I think I’m gonna cry!” Not from nerves. It was quite the opposite, actually. I was just in awe of the moment I was in. Sitting and singing next those incredible artists, I acknowledged in my heart and out loud that I was full of gratitude. I was honoured to be on that stage, with those artists, doing what I love.

We’ve all stood at the edge of a new beginning. And for me, music has been a rebirth and a remembrance of a long forgotten dream. I was THAT girl with THAT hairbrush singing to the mirror. I recorded the country countdown on my tape deck and poured over lyrics that I thought were the most captivating and connective words I’d ever heard. My long lost dream is slowly coming true. It started with a vision of what could be and then, more work than I thought I was capable of, followed by small steps forward and sometimes, a step back and a new vision. And I’m too old to dream, except I’m not.

That emotional moment tonight was a celebration of the fruits of the my labour and that of my incredible team, the showcase organizers and the audience. We came together to celebrate the magic that is music. And as I sat in that moment, I couldn’t help but be in awe of it all. It was the farthest I’d ever been.

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